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Digital X Branding (DXB) specializes in using the differentiation strategy to help SME owners to build brands digitally. Our slogan: ‘Making Competition Irrelevant Digitally‘ acts as our work philosophy where we help SME to build brands and outruns their competitors in the market while bringing maximum values to their clients.

We have 9+ years experience working with over 180+ SME Brands from various industries including finance, property, education, coaching, blockchain, F&B, fashion, beauty, baby products, logistics, engineering, MLM and more.

We Are The FIRST & ONLY SPECIALIST In Digital Brand Differentiation Strategy For SME In Malaysia.

Making Competition Irrelevant Digitally

The Digital X Branding Philosophy

Enter the Digital world with us

The Internet is not the future, it is NOW.

Digital is more and more important everyday and in any way. Digital enables SME owners to brand and market products and services globally at an affordable cost. With the COVID-19 pandemic, digital is the only way out for business.

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Key to SME Branding

Branding is to BE DIFFERENT

Branding is the ONLY KEY TO WIN for SME in the digital era. Brand gives customers a reason to buy, it triggers customers to purchase emotionally. Business competition is increasing everyday with the rise of the internet. Your way out is to BE DIFFERENT and build a brand!

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Multiplication Factor

The X Factor

X the Multiplication Factor by having the cutting edge digital solution multiplied with the brand differentiation strategy that outruns competition. This creates the X Factor that makes your brand specialthe Digital X Branding strategy, the key for SME to win NOW & FUTURE.

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Our Mission

To become the only go-to digital branding company for SME.

Our Vision

A world without business competition where every brand is different.

What we stand for

Our core values in DXB

Customer Centricity

Differentiation, Creativity & Innovation

Be Do Have

Strategic Tactical Execution




Meet Our TEAM

Digital X Branding Consultants to grow your SME brand digitally.

Yong Shen Feng

Yong Shen Feng

Founder & Brand Consultant